The Definitive IPTV System

Key Features

  • Customizable IPTV system – Hotel will be able to completely create as many user interfaces as you want
  • Easy to install – An intuitive system fully integrated with the PMS that can be installed at any part of the world
  • Point of Sales – Not only a point of information and entertainment but also the perfect sales platform to generate extra income
  • Analytics & Reports – You will obtain complete analysis and statistics from the system to offer a unique experience adapted to each guest
  • Compatible with Google Chromecast – ES implements Google Chromecast on the most efficient way to ensure the best guest experience, guests will be able to enjoy their Netflix programs on the hotel TV
  • Video on demand – Your guests will enjoy a premium package of the best Hollywood movies

More than IPTV for hotels! ZAFIRO is a revolutionary marketing tool which gets the most out of your TVs and mobile devices while improving guest experience and increasing your hotel revenue. In other words, a natural fit for the hotel industry!

ZAFIRO is a modular, scalable and reliable platform. It allows hotels to promote their services, to inform and to entertain guests across all screens. Furthermore, you will be able to provide a unique and personalized experience based on your guest’s preferences.

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