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XPossible Connect HSIA Gateway Working with CISCO Meraki

XPossible Connect HSIA System is enhanced to recognise and support the Meraki APs and Switches enabling them to communication with the Meraki Cloud server seamlessly.

Meraki network + XPos Gateway provides the most advance hotel HSIA solutions in the market that has the following benefits

  • CISCO Meraki Network Solutions are easy to setup and operate
    • manage remotely via cloud controller
    • offer a great wealth of reports and friendly graphics regarding traffic, devices status and client status
  • With XPossible Connect, hotel can offer different tiers of internet services to the hotel guests and visitors
    • Guest can select free or fee internet packages, charges automatically post charges to front office system
    • Enable guest to upgrade from free to higher speed paid internet services
  • PMS Interface and automating the internet services provisioning
    • Interface with Opera cloud and non-cloud version and more than 30 other front office systems in the market
    • support different tiers of loyalty memberships, internet access privileges, automatically assign different internet services profile to the guests based on Rate Code, Loyalty Card Member level, etc..
    • Enable third party systems e.g. IPTVs, door lock, etc.. to interface to Opera via XPossible Connect PMS middleware
  • Supporting existing IHG hotel login screen templates to enable consistent look and feel across countries in different regions be it a Meraki and non-Meraki site
    • Support banners, marketing
    • Support hotel guests login using Room No. as password and Last Name as password (or first name, guest no. as password)
    • Supports multiple languages login instructions
  • Harvest visitors information for marketing purposes
    • Guest email address login has the option to send guest an internet services activation email. Guest has to click on the activation link to start the internet services enabling hotel to validate the email address entered by the guest
    • Support Facebook login and redirect to hotel fan page, market the hotel products and services to the visitors social circles
    • Enable mobile phone no. login
  • Hotel Event Support
    • Event internet access with bandwidth and data volume control for a date range
    • Ability to dedicate a chunk of bandwidth for a particular event
  • Supports multiple properties enabling the hotels to have different login portals using 1 system and supports roaming across the properties.
    • e.g. XPossible Connect supports Crown plaza Ortegas and Holiday Inn Galleries
  • Maximize Guest Satisfaction via XPossible Threshold Bandwidth Management
    • activate bandwidth management rules only when total bandwidth usages reaches the set threshold
    • Support no. of devices per guests and enable control total bandwidth and data volume.
    • upgrade from free low bandwidth to paid high bandwidth
  • Hotel business center support
    • print to biz center from anywhere is the hotel via the network
  • Support fixed IP plug and play
  • Manage internet access on TV and Integration with IPTV solutions
    • allocate a chunk of bandwidth for internet services via the guest room TVs
    • control internet access via IPTV system set top boxes or smart TVs

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