XPossible Internet Log Server
Tracks all records of internet services access and usage

Key Features

  • Compatible with XPossible Connect
  • Highly secured protection of user's confidentiality and privacy

XPossible Internet Services Log Server is designed to work seamlessly with the XPossible Connect system to keep all records of internet services usage and access via XPossible system. Internet trails for each user is organized and kept in an online data vault. The XPossible Internet Services Log Server will log and store all internet access information, be it by LAN or wireless connection for future tracing and investigation purposes. Authorized personal can search the stored log by destination IP, user MAC or date and time. In addition, XPossible system is able to combine the guest information with the search result to identify the user(s) responsible for any violation. For hotels that are operating the XPossible Connect system with interface to PMS, guests information are automatically captured by the XPossible system when the guests check-in the hotel and more detailed guest particulars will be kept in the hotel PMS system.  

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