Ikusi Head End Solutions

XPossible is the reseller for Ikusi in all the countries we operate in the Asia. We provide end to end professional installation services together with various IPTV solutions we carry with our post sales maintenance and support services.

The Ikusi system is very compact, cost effective and works 24x7 reliably with high quality output and their head end solution consists of modular components which can be added based on content providers’ input whether the infrastructure of the premises supports both coaxial or LAN. Ikusi also has tuner modules suited to various encrypted or non-encrypted signals for satellite or IP streaming and it can work with content provider’s set top boxes or service provider CAM cards (if available) to decrypt the TV program channels based on end user's subscription package.

Ikusi can Deliver HD Channels Directly to the Hospitality TVs via LAN or Coaxial

Ikusi has tuner and decryption module that can received free to air and encrypted channels. Ikusi has digital modulator and encoder module to work with coaxial or LAN

Ikusi Head End Delivers HD TV Programs to Normal TVs via HDR

Suitable for hotels that have existing TVs with HDMI. Works on coaxial and LAN network for delivering TV channels

APPSTV Solutions via LAN or Coaxial

Zafiro IPTV Solutions via LAN

Suitable for hotels that have new LG or Samsung hospitality TVs

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