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Not using wireless? View also our how-to guide to
access our LAN services for Windows 7

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Not using wireless? View also our how-to guide to
access our LAN services for MAC OSX

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Additional questions ?
  • How to get started ?

    - A laptop computer running Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista or Mac OS 7.5 or later
    - An Ethernet network card (integrated in most computers)
    - An Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Opera
    - A wireless receiver card (PCMCIA, USB or receiver integrated with the notebook

  • How to connect to XPossible Connect system ?

    XPossible support both wired and wireless network. The simple steps to connect to the system are shown below (for detailed instructions, please download or view our documentation above):
    1. PLUG IN the LAN cable into the Ethernet card of your computer
    2. CLICK ON your web browser to input ID & Password
    3. SELECT YOUR PACKAGE OR accept the terms and conditions
    4. Enjoy your surfing

  • How to disconnect ?

    You have several possibilties to disconnect your computer from the Internet:
    1. Simply unplug LAN cable from your computer
    2. Press Disconnect button from the guest interactive menu to logout
    3. Type at web address and enter
    4. Turn off your computer

  • How the hotel and XPossible charge the guest for internet access ?

    XPossible support both post-paid and prepaid card implementation. For Postpaid method, bills are automatically calculated based on the duration that the guest remains connected to the system. Guests will receive these bills upon check-out. For Prepaid method, guest may have to pay for the service before use. The charges for XPossible Broadband services vary between hotels.

  • Do I need to configure my e-mail settings to send and retrieve e-mails ?

    No, You don’t need to configure any e-mail setting; the system will automatically relay your mail to all recipients. You can only send and receive emails after you login to the XPossible Connect system.


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