XPossible Connect EZ (Lite Edition)


XPossible is introducing a new module to cater to another range of hospitality properties that do not require our full edition of XPossible Connect. The XPossible Connect EZ is sold as an appliance which includes the server and there are 2 different types of models to choose from. The 500 concurrent devices model will be for smaller properties whereas the 1500 concurrent devices model are usually for larger hotels.


The XPossible Connect EZ is suitable for properties which are providing free internet services for guest or hotels that are charging guest for internet services with prepaid card only. Below listed are some of the benefits for our basic internet management system. For more information on our XPossible Connect EZ edition, kindly download the attached brochure.


• Automatic configuration guarantees hassle-free access.
• Reduce the work-load for the staff; front office and IT supports are minimized.
• IT support does not have to configure guest PC; reduce the damages and additional problems on guest PC.
• Enable guests and non-staying guests to access the broadband internet services with minimum administration.
• Opens up a whole new range of opportunities for the organization to offer creative bundling and membership promotions.
• IT administrator can manage each user account separately on different policy profile.
• Front office staff or IT supports have adequate tools to handle guest requests or disputes.
• Provide all necessary information at a glance; for example: user online status and current bandwidth utilization.

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