XPossible Connect (Full Edition)


XPossible Connect provides the most effective tools to support different implementation methods that most organizations have always wanted. At XPossible, we listen to our clients' comments and ideas and respond to different user behaviors. We have developed many new features and tools to have a compact and reliable system to support many valuable customers’ requests.


Various prepaid card implementation methods are supported by XPossible Connect System. Organizations can choose the best options suited to their guest's preference. We also provide web-based user-friendly interfaces for administrators to manage their own PMS or prepaid card implementation. Administrator can use the guest module to manually set the parameters to control each user profile. The following are some of the main benefits of XPossible Connect:

• Provide customized welcome page design with guest self-service portal and information portal – enhance hotel’s brand image.
• Comes with built in NOC to monitor all network equipment and alert support proactively if there are any equipment breakdown.
• Built-in intelligent bandwidth management to manage P2P services and prioritize selected services – supports VOIP.
• Enable guest to connect their own notebook, smart phone and tablet to the hotel’s internet services at the same time and account for the services.
• Guest using mobile devices do not have to do multiple logins. Our system can be configured to allow mobile phones to login just one-time and connection will remain till guest check-out.
• Support access to all types of VPNs (corporate guests) and offer professional business centre internet services.
• Integrates with various hotel front office system to auto provide internet services when guest check-in, auto post internet services charges (if any) to folio and auto close account when guest check-out.
• Generate revenue from your hotel internet services, upgrade from free internet limited speed to paid high speed services.
• Integrated with XPossible Concierge and supports BYOD.
• Gain marketing mileage via new Social Media Connection.

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