XPossible Genie

New XPossible Connect QR Code Login Capability

1. Front Office, Lobby and Meeting rooms:

When scanned, auto login to access internet
Hassle free, each for hotel guests (before they checked in)/visitors to gain access to hotel internet services
Reduce work of Front Office to issue internet access code or assist guest to access the internet login screen

2. Go-to-Login Screen QR code

When scanned will redirect user to the login screen
Avoid issues of some new phones/PCs cannot access the login page due to IOS or Android browser settings or problems (usually new phones)
• In-house guests can login with Room No (User ID) and Last Name (Password)
• Non In-house Guests Mobile or Email login: collect non in-house guests information e.g. title, name, email ID or SMS and validate before allowing internet access
• System can stored visitor information for marketing and also recognised guests when they return to the hotel in the future (XPossible Cloud Connect)

You can scan the QR code in the following pics with your phone to experience the demo version of XPossible Guest Room Genie and XPossible Restaurant Table Genie.

Guest room QR Code (we create an unique QR code for each guest room), the in room guest can:

• Scan the QR code and auto connect to wifi and auto login to access internet
• Scan the QR code Invoke XPossible Guest Room Genie on their mobiles.
• Enable guest to Chromecast to the TV in only their room

For Hotel

For Restaurant

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