XPossible Connect Mobile No. Login Services

Visitors enters their mobile number and other optional particulars during login and receive a code to complete the login process via the mobile phone entered.

Premise owner can collect other information during the login process. Other information can be collected are: Name, Title, Gender, Date of Birth, Language preference, etc..

Similar capabilities with email address with the XPossible Connect Email Login Services.

Suitable to use in the following:

1) Internet service at public places e.g. hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.. Collect ‘validated’ user mobile phone numbers/email addresses for marketing, communication purposes

Pre-requisites of the premised owner

1) XPossible Connect HSIA Gateway
2) Physical SMS Gateway e.g. Talariax, or valid web SMS gateway subscription services (e.g. Vonage).

XPossible Connect HSIA System is already integrated with the following SMS services:

1) Talariax SMS Gateway (Physical SMS Gateway)

XPossible is the reseller of Talariax SMS gateway. To use the Talariax SMS gateway, you need a valid SIM card with SMS services (charges apply from the mobile and SMS services provider). More information please visit www.talariax.com

2) Vonage Cloud SMS Services

Xpossible has developed the API with Vonage to provide login access code via SMS. Vonage SMS Cloud service is subscription-based and charged by SMS usage. For more information please visit www.vonage.com

How it works:

1) When user connect his/her mobile/PC/tablet (with valid SIM card) to the wireless access point the following registration page(flash page) is shown on the user device.

2) User must enter a real Mobile phone number and Name to register.

3) XPossible Connect HSIA gateway will send the mobile phone number entered and a SMS with an access code (6 digit) will be sent to the phone. This access code is use to login to connect to internet from the login screen.

4) User can login with the Access Code to the Login page to connect to internet.

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