Case Study

Amari Group

Thailand’s Amari Hotels & Resorts group has a long-standing reputation for providing luxurious accommodations and impeccable services at a very reasonable price. Now to further enhance its member hotels’ services and value to its guests, the group has chosen to invest on XPossible Hotel Connect and Gigalink TLAN solutions to bring high-speed Internet services to the comfort of the guest rooms. After trying out several solutions and services from selected services providers, the Amari group decided to invest in the solutions and operate the services themselves. Mr Chatchawan, Amari’s Director of Information Technologies cited the following reasons for the decisions:

• Amari group would like to keep the charges for accessing Internet services to a minimum, which may likely be in conflict with the service provider’s objectives.
• Internet services will be provided free of charge for some room packages. If the system were operated by a service provider, the costs and administration may make the plan infeasible.
• Amari group considers Internet services as one of the key utility services to be provided to the hotel guests and would like to ensure continuity and quality of the services.
• Amari group has plans to deliver a wide range of unique services over the Hotel intranet in the near future. Mr Chatchawan shared that the group evaluated in favor of the XPossible Hotel Connect and Gigalink TLAN solutions because it is specially designed to operate in the hotel’s environment. He also mentioned the following key benefits that prompted the group to make their decision:

- Single system to deliver high speed Internet services to guest rooms, conference rooms, business center, executive lounges, lobby and the hotel administration office via existing phone lines, LAN and wireless LAN,
- Provide consistent Internet services to the guests anywhere in the hotel, at all of the Amari Hotels in Bangkok
- The plug & play capability of the system minimizes the need for the hotel to provide technical support to the guests
- The prepaid card capabilities provide the hotel a powerful marketing tool and could be configured to work in all the hotels in the Amari group

Amari Hotels in Bangkok enjoy very high occupancy rates and a major hotel-wide cabling installation would be too disruptive to the hotel’s operations; however, XPossible’s solutions utilized Long Reached Ethernet technologies (Gigalink TLAN) to deliver Internet services over the existing telephone lines, avoiding the need for a major cabling installation and resulting in a rapid service activation which was very satisfying.

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