Case Study


RUEMZ is a young and trendy hotel which was founded by a group of people from the hospitality industry. It is an 84-room boutique hotel which is managed by students of Taylor's University, Malaysia's premium school of Hospitality. Inspired with entrepreneurial spirit, RUEMZ embraces the latest and best technologies to provide opportunity for students to learn and gain valuable experiences.

Being the most modern university in Malaysia, a reliable and manageable Internet service is essential. Today, the world is globalized and people need to get in touch with just a click. The hotel has selected the internet solution from XPossible Technologies to delight its guest with a memorable user-experience with the smoothest surfing that it can deliver.

Guests at the RUEMZ will be pleased to surf the Internet at high-speed with their computers. The system has built-in capabilities to control P2P downloading and manage bandwidth so as to ensure that it is fairly distributed to all guests. No more 'start-stop' Internet or 'world-wide-wait' when surfing from websites to websites. Guests will be able to use Internet comfortably even though there are many users.

With built-in firewall and stealth technologies in XPossible Connect Server, it guards and prevents against external threats and service attacks which may paralyze the entire Internet system. XPossible network is designed to protect the privacy and security of the users connecting via LAN and wireless network. This includes preventing any guests from accessing to any other guests' share folders and worms or virus from any guest PCs spreading to any other guests' PCs on the network.

For service continuity and availability, XPossible provides NOC (Network Operation Centre) which monitors network devices for 24/7 and alert the support personnel when any faults occurred. This enables the hotel to rectify any fault proactively before any guests complain.

Besides notebooks or desktop PCs, XPossible Connect system is designed to support iPads, iPhone or any smart phones accessing internet seamlessly. Guests of the hotel RUEMZ not only will be able to surf the web, they can access to corporate VPN, send and receive SMTP mails, make video or voice over IP calls as if they were at their homes or offices. We believe that our system contributes in helping RUEMZ fulfill its objective of creating an environment of ‘carefree, anything-goes'.

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