Case Study


Experience the luster of Bangkok with St. Regis Bangkok as they offer excellence standard in hospitality and elegance via its 227 guest rooms, including 51 suites. The six-star hotel is lavishly decorated with luxurious furnishings and delicate amenities ensuring all guests experience a high level of satisfactory St. Regis's signature service. Exclusively for business guests, St. Regis provides a business centre offering essential services which includes High Speed Internet Access.

To ensure customer's satisfaction, St. Regis has selected XPossible Technologies to provide a reliable and manageable Internet service. XPossible system provides special features for the hotel to manage their PCs in the business centre and account for their usage and charges. The system also enables hotel guest to print from anywhere to the business centre’s printer.

In addition, in this modern day many guests carries more than one internet-capable device when they travel and will most likely connect to more than 1 of their own device to the hotel internet service at the same time. With our XPossible system, it enables St. Regis to specify the number of devices that a guest can login with his user ID and Password. The login and device status are shown online and manageable by XPossible's Bandwidth Management to limit bandwidth to the devices and all other users. This is a very unique and excellent way for hotels to track and control their allocated bandwidth ensuring guest enjoys quality internet access time.

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