1. XPossible sells our solutions to the hotel
2. XPossible offers total or partial investment of our solutions for a 2 to 3 years contract using one of the following models:

Model A: XPossible charge a fee for each occupied room each day

Model B: Fixed fee every month.
For Model A & B, hotel decides the charge policies for the Internet services for guests.
Should the hotel decide to charge, all in-room revenue belongs to the hotel.


• XPossible Connect Internet Access Management & Billing Gateway with PMS interface
• Wireless network to cover guest rooms, conference rooms and public area
• Network equipment for LAN network covering the guest rooms
• Internet bandwidth from ISP
• XPossible Concierge guest self services solutions supporting BYOD
• XPossible Live! Digital Signage solutions
• 24x7 fault support and ongoing software update and equipment maintenance
• Direct guest call center support

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