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Nowadays high percentage of hotel guests carry along other devices (smart phones/tablets) besides their own notebook so this application was developed with a vision of providing all hotel guests/visitors access to the hotel’s information at their finger tips effortlessly via their own devices. When guests concerige their devices to the hotel’s wireless LAN or fixed LAN network, it gives them instant access to services like guest folio balances, currency exchange rate and shuttle bus/transport information etc. It even allows the guest to receive messages for them via email or SMS when they are not in the vicinity of the hotel.

Additional options can also be easily customized to meet individual hotel image or theme design and this application also comes with multi language capability which will be of great assistance to non-native English literate guests. More importantly, access is via guest’s own devices so hotels do not have to incur extra costs on purchasing additional devices. In total there are 3 options for accessing XPossible Concierge; via guests devices which includes iPhone/iPad or any smart phone that supports web browsing, via tablets provided by hotel and via in-room TV installed with Android TV box.

For tablets or android TV boxes (attached to hotel’s TV) in guest rooms, all paper based document in the guest room can be digitized and access via the tablet or TV. Hotel saves cost on updating the paper based contents and are now able to roll out promotions, display ads or announcements quickly. As for guest privacy protection, XPossible Concierge Central is able to auto reset and delete all data, ensuring it returns to the default/original settings when guest checks out of the hotel.

Hotels can now provide guests the comfort of accessing services/information (e.g. Daily currency exchange rates, viewing of guest bills, receiving guest messages) at their own convenience while dining in your restaurants or even while getting a tan at the pool side.

Hotels can now have all their food & beverages menu digitalized and going paper less. Guest can view the full menu and hotels can entice the appetite of guests with savory food images. Best of all, it allows your hotel to go green and save the environment!

We have integrated our XPossible Live! digital signage ad output so that hotels can now schedule ad promotion to show at specific time and date e.g. happy hour promotion, special tour or spa packages, shuttle service leaving for shopping center in 15 minutes, etc. Through Opera PMS interface with XPossible Concierge, hotels are able to gather all the data of their guests on hand and select to display different type of information/ads to different group of guests. Hotels can generate additional revenue by advertising and cross selling their products.

Studies has shown that guests prefers filling up a softcopy survey form than manually writing on a hardcopy survey form. As such, we have included guest surveys into the XPossible Concierge to allow guest to input their feedbacks and other related information. With guest’s feedbacks and information, hotels are able to understand the needs/wants of each of their guest hence improving and bringing the customer service experience to a whole new level.

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